Saturday, August 23, 2008


If you put me with the right person and we start laughing there is no end to it. One example would be Jeremy(Washow). And it's always at the worst times. You know, in the middle of church, or class, or somewhere really quiet. Once, in Music class at Faith, Jeremy pulled out a mini ping-pong net, paddles and ball out of his suit coat and asked me if I wanted to play. In the middle of class! Then you start laughing and can't stop. And you're trying to hold it in so no one notices your laughing. That just makes it worse. I always liked to try and make Jeremy laugh while he was talking to someone. I would stand in the background and do something to get him going. That was the best. After he'd kinda start laughing he would use the line, "I was just thinking of a joke someone told me earlier." So at Sage Glass now there is someone else like that. Not quite to the extent of Jeremy but it's still pretty good. This other guy and me work together pretty much everyday. I wouldn't say we're good friends or anything, but for some reason when he starts laughing, I loose it too. It always happens in the break room. Our break room is pretty large and everyone pretty much sits together on break or lunch. The problem is that it's so quiet in there. There is no TV or radio. It's silent unless people are talking. What's worse is that there are tile floors.  For some reason there is only one lady that wears heels and whenever she walks on it she sounds like a horse.  She's one of the "big wigs" in the company, and when she walks in we start laughing. Obviously we are trying to hold it in cause there are a bunch of people around. One day she decides to walk right up to me and say something. AHH! I did pretty good holding in though. Now, the other time we laughed really hard is terrible. We were just in a laughing mood. One of the other people "up there" in the company has a speech problem. I've never heard it before. It's kinda like stuttering but a little different. He'll start a sentence like"How are thiiiiiiiiiiiiings in Owatonna?" He will hold out a word for like 5 seconds. A long time. I've heard him talk many times before and it's never bothered me. A little different, but it's never made me laugh. Well, of course, we were on lunch and he was sitting at the table next to us and he said something and did that thing really bad. We just lost it. We were trying so hard to hold it in. Tears were streaming down our faces. It was bad! I don't know what it was. I'm terrible. It's a good thing Jeremy doesn't work there.


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RCW said...

Jeremy and I had one of the moments you are talking about at men's retreat. It was at the end of the last service and one of the guys from the "Host" church was going to pray for the food. Well Jeremy made a comment.... you'll have to ask him the details cause I don't want to type it all here...anyway... just as the guy was starting to pray we were both laughing. I was trying to hold it in and be quiet but I was having trouble. I had tears coming out of my eyes cause I was laughing so hard!! FUN TIMES!!!!

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