Sunday, August 10, 2008 what.

On Saturday morning Stephanie and I went to the Detention Center. I just can't handle Stephanie any longer. I figured I would just bring her there and I could visit her on Thursday evenings or something. Thankfully, she started behaving though and I didn't have to drop her off. But while we were there we decided to do our fingerprints. We walked in the front door and no one was there. The cage was down on the front window in the entry and it was empty. This is when and where they told us to go. Between 8-10am on Saturday. But over in the far corner of the entry was a speaker on a one-way window that we couldn't see through with a sign that said "push for help". So we pushed the button. This lady answered. We told her we were there to get our fingerprints done for adoption paperwork. She told us it would be just a minute. After, what seemed like an eternity. No, seriously, an eternity. We sat there forever. A detention center guard came out and did our fingerprints. So we went and got that sent in to the adoption agency right away. Now, we play the waiting game again. We're not really sure what's next. We'll see what they send us or do. There are some people in the process of writing referral letters for us, too. So I guess we kinda waiting on that too. I heard one of the longest waiting parts is when you send your fingerprints in to the state to get them checked out. So pray that that will go extra quickly. 

We will keep you up to date. 



RCW said...

I'm thinking that Stephanie probably wouldn't be the one that would have to stay at the detention center!! I won't say who the other person might be.
We have been praying for both of you... and for Nathan and Chyann. Thanks for keeping us updated here it helps us to know how to pray. HANG IN THERE!!

Kenny Rogers said...

I had my finger prints done one time. It was not a happy time. There was this guy there that was wearing rubber gloves and looking in all kinds of places for who knows what. Apparently when you get all liquored up you can't even ride your horse home. I don't know why, Keith knows how to get home on his own. I was just along for the ride. Then I found out that Keith had been drinking too. Instead of going home Keith took me for a ride on the interstate. He must have been really hammered because he missed our exit and we ended up falling off a bridge and in a lake. We floated for a while before the DNR picked us up. Thats when the fingerprinting started and the rubber gloves came out.

Kenny out

TJ and Stephanie said...

What would we do without you Kenny Rogers.

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