Tuesday, March 18, 2008

stop calling!

So the past couple weeks or so we've been getting some calls from 451-0770. I would answer and I couldn't hear anything. After a few times I was really starting to get sick of it. I went to whitepages.com and did the reverse phone number search so I could see who was calling me. It was some Management place in Owatonna. I tried calling back and it would ring three times and hang up. Well they called again and this time I could actually hear someone talking very faintly. I told them to stop calling this number! Well, that wasn't it. They called again. I said, "Hello" in a not-so-nice voice. The girl said, "Let me in". Huh? It turns out that it's an apartment building. When somebody comes to the apartment and pushes a button to a certain room to get in, it rings at our house! Ahhh.


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RCW said...

aYou need to find out what apartments they are and let the manager know to get that number changed. In the mean time whenever you get a call from that number just push the number 5 and see what happens! When I worked for security I installed a system like that. When ever we got a call from there we would push the number 5 and it would release the door strike.

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