Wednesday, March 5, 2008


About a month ago we got rid of the ducky bathroom. I told Stephanie I wanted something else. It was just getting a little old. I was going to say something sooner but my parents were coming up so we wanted to surprise them. We acted like we redid the bathroom months ago since this was the first time in a year they've been to our house - (guilt-trip).

Here's some pictures of the newly remodeled bathroom:




RCW said...

I feel so bad that we have neglected our Son and Daughter-in-law so badly. We will try to do better... now that you have a remodeled bathroom. We didn't want to say anything but the "old" bathroom was the reason we hadn't been there for so long.

Amy Kramer said...

I love the new bathroom. You guys went all out... even got a new toilet shelf. Very nice! What did you do with your old one? Now THAT is something that doesn't have too many uses for. Perhaps you could wipe all the pee and poop splashes off of it and put it in the dining room over a chair or something?!?! I hope you have a good sponge, though. We all know there's a lot of splashes on it from the gas that TJ gets.

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