Saturday, October 6, 2007

we're back again

We're back again from the Dells. We had a great time. I think instead of getting a regular pool in our basement, we'll get a wave pool.



RCW said...

The squeaky cheese is awesome!!!

Will Mitchell said...

I'm thinking about making that genuine Wisconsin Cheese In my basement. I'll put a billboard outside my house. "GENUINE WISCONSIN CHEESE MADE RIGHT HERE IN IOWA"

I could make a killing!

Louis O'Tool said...

You know how else you could make a killing? Competative breeding. I was reading Wikipedia today, and I noticed that the featured article is on Guinea Pigs. Apparently competative breeding has become quite popular in some circles. So you could probably start doing that in your basement, and pretty soon you'd have some pretty sweet brands of Guinea Pigs, because I think they probably multiply like rabbits or O'Tools or other rodents.

You could also eat them, and that would save you quite a bit of money over the long-run, since you wouldn't have to purchase other proteins and you would just have to supplement your diet with vegetables so you could get the proper balance of vitamins and minerals. You could probably grow those veggies in your back yard, so that would save you some additional funds, plus you could use the waste products from your Guinea Pig operation to help your garden grow. Pretty soon you'd be entirely self-sufficient and the government wouldn't even know you exist, which is pretty much my goal.

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