Monday, October 29, 2007


So, this person came into Officemax and had scrapbooked a cookbook of her and her friends favorite recipes. It was really cool, and got me thinking. I should do that. So awhile ago I decided I was going to do that, and started typing up all my favorite recipes. The guy TJ works with (Will is his name) does the cooking in his family and is always asking TJ to bring him the recipe for what TJ was eating for supper, or something TJ talked about, or whatever. So I told TJ to tell him I was working on a cookbook, and I'll make an extra one for him. Well, I guess Will has been asking TJ every night at work if the cookbook is done yet! Talk about pressure! So yesterday I decided I would finish the cookbook for him. I made a cookbook on the computer for just for Will and went in to Officemax today to get it printed and bound together as a book. I immediately dropped it off at Viracon for Will. I wanted to bring it to him personally, but at the door I have to go through to get to the section where TJ and Will work, there were a whole bunch of guys taking a smoke break and I didn't really want to walk through that. So I put it in the car for TJ to give to him. I was kinda bummed because I wanted to give it to him myself. Oh well. Hope he enjoys it. Now I have to actually work on my cookbook! The scrapbook one. That's the fun part for me!
That's my story-----Stephanie

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Melissa said...

Wow Stephanie. You really go out of your way for your customers. I wish there was more people like you in this world. :)

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