Wednesday, October 10, 2007


When we got back from the Dells on Saturday we turned the air on in the house through Sunday cause it was so hot and muggy. Now, I wake up today and it's freezing cold. I'm about ready to turn the heat on. Crazy.



RCW said...

Several of us from church are going on a motorcylce ride on Saturday. Sure hope it warms up alittle by then. I'll have to remember to take my O'tools along in case I break down.

Will Mitchell said...

Wright you are! I am looking forward to a ride. Normally I just O'tool around town on the bike. I'm going to wear lots of layers! BRRRR...

Louis O'Tool said...

God went down to Eden to see how Adam was getting on.
"What do you think of life, Adam," said God.
"Well," said Adam. "It's quite hard work and a little boring and, well, just a little lonely too."
"Don't worry," declared God. "I've been working on a solution to all these problems. I'm going to create a Woman. She'll wash and cook for you and she'll have sex with you whenever you want. In fact, she'll do everything you can imagine."
"That sounds great," said Adam, "but how much will this Woman cost me?"
"I was thinking an arm and a leg," answered God.
"That sounds a bit steep. What can I get for a rib?"

Louis O'Tool said...

The Heat is on....The Heat is o-on.

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