Monday, September 15, 2014

School Shelving

Organize it up right!

I have had mangled mismatched shelving with the homeschool books for a while now.  Things in all different closets or places.  I had this vision to utilize a wall in our schooling area.  First I was going to build the shelving into the wall.  Well we haven't technically finished that part of the basement yet, so that would be a pain to worry about later.  So instead I decided to make three shelves to cover most of the wall space but giving me flexibility to move them out or around easier if need be.

I figured my size, and how much wood I would need.  Went to Lowe's and asked them to cut all pieces I need.  They do this for free by the way.  So I waited a little while.  And went home with all my perfectly cut pieces of wood, and some screws.  Now just a little work on my part to screw them together and wha-la!  A beautiful shelving unit which puts all my books in one place.  Doesn't it feel great to get that all put together? :)

You can do it too!


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