Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Recycled FORT!

We have had these left over fence panel pieces in our backyard for 5 years.  For all these years we have witnessed our children playing with it even after repeatedly telling them not too.

Finally I decided it had to go.  But first, we had some fun with it.

New neighbors moved in, and we became the hang out.  I said if we are going to be the 'spot' and you are all going to be playing with the wood, trying to build small forts, than lets just build a REAL FORT!

So we all got to work.  The kids took turns ripping the wood fence panels apart, carefully, and taking out the nails.

Then I made the wall frames.

Then we put those walls together to make the frame of the fort.

Next we took each of those fence boards that they had removed and used them for the siding!

Then we placed an entire fence panel on the top for the roof of the fort.

And lastly we added doors.  One big door, and a small trap/secret back door.

Recycling!  Then we were finally able to throw out all the other pieces and get rid of the pile!


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