Monday, February 4, 2013

Randomness v42

Me- (singing) Lady in Red.....
Monkey- (doesn't know the song but tries singing along)- Lady in blue, lady in all different colors like you.

Me- Thank you for your manners.
Monkey- It should be womanners to you and manners to me.

WOMANners, MANners.....get it?  I thought that was pretty interesting for him. :)

Bear- I remember the cartoons I watch and then I refresh my brain and I can watch it again inside my head.

Monkey-If I were a human cat I'd jump out the window.

4 year old niece- What time it is?
(Looks at my watch) Oh, 49:10:11

Kids were playing in the mud.  I told monkey I'd give him a reward if he cleaned the mud off his brothers shoes.  He went out to do it and said to me, I don't want a reward from you.  I'll just wait to get my reward in Heaven instead.

Me- How many days are in a year?
Bear- 7
Me- no that's a week.
Monkey- 30
Me- no that's a month.
Monkey- OH! 31!
(Oh dear)

Me- As long as we go in and get it done.
Monkey- You mean no dilly-daggin'
Me- it's dilly-dallying.

Me- Whats the capital of Argentina
Monkey- Buenos Dias.
Me- Close, Buenos Aires

Me- when the k is next to the n it doesn't say anything, it's called a silent letter.
Bear- WELL then WHY do they even put it there? Just leave it off!!!


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Theresa said...

Haha so fun to read! :+)

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