Friday, September 14, 2012

Important Information

Sometimes there are things that just get overlooked....or maybe it's the case of the forgetsies. :)

Monkey needed to fill out something for his homeschool papers.  Found himself asking me some basic questions.  Questions we have covered before.  Like address, phone number, etc.  He remembered the cell number, and our house number, but had a hard time with the zip code, and birth date.  He knows his birth day....but can't remember the date format.  So I decided to make this sheet to give to him to fill out as a reminder.  Things you should know.  Fill it out every once in a while to make sure we are keeping this information readily available in our brains!

Maybe you need to have your kids fill this out every once in awhile to keep them on track with your basic family information?!

Click here to download for yourself.  2up on a page.


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