Thursday, September 6, 2012



No that is not a typo.....Perogies, pierogi, piroghi or pierogi....It all means the same thing.

I had these for the first time this year.  Maybe they weren't homemade....but we'll get to that point soon.

I've heard time and time again that my husbands grandma makes the best perogies e.v.e.r.  Well we went there and she served us some.  They were good I thought.  But found out she did not take the time to slave over these, she bought them at the store.  So a few weeks later, while at the store I decided to look for them in the frozen section.  Found them, and thought I should try them again.  They were still pretty good.  And quick and easy, if you buy the store bought version that is.  I hear the homemade version takes awhile.  Maybe I'll conquer that another day.

Here's the link I found for when I get to making them homemade.  And don't worry if and when that day comes I will blog again about it. :)

The key to Grandma's version is after boiling them, frying them up in some sour cream.

Try it for yourself.  They are in the frozen potato section at the store, if you want to try the quick and easy way out first. :)



Dana said...

Similar to vananikas only with potatoes instead of cottage cheese right?

Stephanie Wright said...

Yeah. Maybe I should try vananikas again. But I'm not sure they would be as good as these. I was afraid to try these because I never liked the vananikas growing up.

Dave Wright said...

Thank you Stephanie. Now I am hungry for them.

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