Thursday, May 3, 2012

Experiment-Air you breathe

How much air is in your lungs?

Here's a little experiment to see and compare using household items.

What you will need:
2 liter empty bottle
large bowl

Fill a plastic bottle full of water and push it neck down into a big bowl of water.  Put your hand over the top until the neck is underwater.  Turn the bottle upside-down, keeping the neck under water.  Push a flexible straw into the neck.  Take a deep breath and blow gently down the straw. 

The air goes to the top of the bottle.

Now check it out below.

**We should have used a bigger bowl, but after the first time just realized we could start with way less water in the bowl in the first place and then we didn't have to worry about spilling out so much.

 Bear's breath amount.

Monkey's breath amount.  

There's quite a difference there.  I guess Monkey has bigger lungs!~ :)  Or more control to be able to breathe out for longer.


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