Friday, August 14, 2009

tooth fairy

Last night we were sitting around the dinner table with Dana, Lyle, Alexis and Elijah. Elijah hit his tooth kinda hard with the fork, and then started crying because he hasn't lost a tooth yet and didn't realize that was supposed to happen. So we started talking to him about how it's ok, and it's a good thing and that if it does fall out the tooth fairy will come and leave him a surprise.
As a side note... Monkey and I have been watching this educational cartoon called word world, and one of the episodes is about loosing your first tooth and the tooth fairy left him a lollipop under his pillow in the cartoon.
So we are talking about the tooth fairy and Monkey pipes in.... I know the surprise, I will tell you the surprise but you can't tell anyone else! I will only tell you guys here at the table, but you have to promise not to tell anyone else, I know it, do you want to know?.... It's a PICKLE AND A NICKLE!!!!
We said, what?! And we all started laughing, it was quite random.
Is that what the tooth fairy gives you when you lose your first tooth?! Hmmmmm.. interesting.
Dana said, what do you get when you lose your second tooth, a dime and a lime?! ha ha ha ha ha

So Funny!

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Your Mother said...

That was a funny story. I like what Dana said for the second tooth, that was pretty good.

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