Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Fair

We just got back from an exciting week at the Steele County Free Fair in Owatonna. It's the largest county fair in Minnesota. It's actually quite big. The fair ran from Tuesday till Sunday. We went 5 times! This is the most we've ever gone to the fair. It was fun though. The boys have never been to anything like this before. I think they loved it. Today we rode rides at the Midway. They had a blast. I would just like to know where all of these people come from. The people that you only see at the fair. The people that you look at and go, "Wow". Why don't we ever see these people any other time of the year. Do they stay locked in their houses or trucks or holes or whatever they live in all year until the fair starts. And then like a trail of ants headed for a sucker they come out of the woodwork. And of course, they head straight for the midway and all the rides. They'll spend $200 trying to get a basketball in a bent rim so they can win their girlfriend a stuffed SpongeBob. This year was even better cause the World of Wonders was there. This is one of the last side shows in the country. For $5 or so you can see all these people. The woman with 2 heads, the giant man, the woman that turns into a gorilla, the woman with the shrunken head. No, we did not go see it. But, as I said, we went to the fair 5 times and had a blast and ate lots of good food. Cheese Curds, Corn Dogs, Fries, Ofda Tacos, Greek Kabobs and Greek Sandwiches, Malts, Mini-Donuts, Old-Fashioned Root Beer, Blooming Onion, just to name a few! Now, summer's winding down. But first, we've got camping Labor Day weekend!


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