Thursday, August 13, 2009

Oh the things kids say

Funny how we can understand each other with so many of the same things meaning different things....

The fair is going to be in town next week, so we were talking about all the fun treats they will have there. Cotton candy, cheese curds, caramel apples, mini donuts.....
Monkey- "I get to have as many donuts as I want! How about 3 mom, does that sound good." ha ha ha
Mom- "not many donuts, MINI Donuts...." Well that really cleared it up!
"They are small. You'll see"

They can't wait!
Me either!
It only comes once a year anyway.

Right after this TJ pulls into the Hy-Vee parking lot. He just barely has pulled in and Monkey says... "Oh just pick a spot already."
EXCUSE ME?!?!? TJ Drove around a while longer. :) ha ha ha ha

I don't remember saying that before so not sure where he got that. We're going to blame it on Grandma Tami! Ha ha ha ha Grandma Tami, don't worry we'll "blame" you for good things too. :)


Your Mother said...

Oh, those boys say the cutest things. Thanks for posting something was beginning to wonder. Haven't heard from TJ for awhile doesn't he have anything good to say?

TJ and Stephanie said...

no :)


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