Sunday, February 5, 2012

Unusual Attire

Since I was a kid, my dad said we were not allowed to wear our pajamas out of the bedroom.  I've naturally adapted to that and really dislike the idea of wearing pajamas except for while you are sleeping.

Last Sunday I quickly was admitted to the hospital.  I reluctantly went to urgent care for pain in my abdomen and on the right side.  After hours of testing and waiting they ruled appendicitis and called in the surgeon.  He promptly came and I didn't even have time to make this a realization....that I was going to have surgery.  Yikes.  I did not go to urgent care to have surgery....I went thinking they'd give me meds or something for the pain, or to tell me it would go away on it's own.  Well, I went in at 1:30, did blood work, waited, CTscan, waited, another doctor came in waited, brought me to the hospital room(5:00), and people just kept coming in the room after that.  Next thing I know they're putting me under (7:30), and what seemed like 2 seconds later, I was sitting up in the hospital room (10:00) again and my husband, mom and kids and sister were all walking into the room.  But I looked up at the clock, and realized I just lost 2 1/2 hours of my life. :)

So I spent the night and was released Monday afternoon.  But I've been cut into, and I have to lie down, and I can't get up by myself, needless to say the only thing I could wear was pajamas. :)

I was ok with it the first two days because I slept almost all day anyway, and I still wasn't completely with it.  Monday and Tuesday are a blur.  Not even really sure they happened. :)

But come Thursday night and I'm still wearing the same thing....uh...this is rather unusual attire.  My children even said to me, why are you wearing your pajamas?!  They know the rule!  And now I'm a little more up and awake and more with it.  And realizing people are coming to my house to visit me, and I'm in my pajamas! ;) 

Here it is Sunday morning, I'm quickly getting tired from sitting at the computer, still in my same pajamas. :)  And I'm ok with it.  You should be too.  After all, I just had surgery, even though I don't remember a thing. :)  Atleast I have the scars to prove it since my memory won't count on that one.  heehee.

Just a random babble for you all. :)  I need to go lay down now.


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