Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Craft-Gift Idea

A homemade gift idea.

First I bought a 4"x6' board from Fleet Farm.  Then I painted the front and sides black.

After it dried I added to eye screws to the sides.  Then attached a ribbon from one to the other.  White or black.

Then I attached picture hanging brackets to the back so they can hang it.

Last, I used my photography letters, and spelled my last name.  Matting the pictures, each to a white piece of cardstock for extra looks. Attach the letters in order, of course, with little clips.  I chose little clips that look like miniature clothes pins found in the craft section of most stores.  Now you are ready to hang it up, or spell someone else's name and give it away as a great personalized gift!


Want to make one for yourself?  Want to make one for your friend?
My letters are available for purchase.  Comment if you want to know more.

Happy Crafting!


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