Sunday, November 9, 2008

adoption training

On Saturday Stephanie and I went to an adoption training here it town. It was an all day meeting. 10-6. It was at the Super 8. Fancy. It was actually a really good training session. It dealt primarily with adopting waiting children. Long...but good. And this was only part one. There's one more we have to go to on Dec. 13th. Another all day training. There were 4 of us there. Stephanie and I and another couple....2 guys. :( Yuck. We just feel terrible for the kids that will be placed with them. As you can tell, this was a State thing. We got home and I turned on the TV and noticed there was a football game on. I turned to it and noticed it was Iowa VS. Penn St. And then I noticed there was only 6 seconds left in the 4th quarter and Iowa was behind by one. And that it was Iowa's ball and they were getting ready to kick a field goal. And then I saw the best part of the game! Awesome. 

And some other news really quick.... A guy from our church came to mud and tape on Saturday while we were at the meeting. He's doing it free of charge! You can't beat that. And he has his own drywall business so he's good. 



Will Mitchell said...

Praise God about the drywall! Where was he when we were hanging it though? j/k. That is really cool!

RCW said...

It is so neat to see how your church is helping you guys. We are still praying for you every night. We know that God already knows who the kids are. You just have to wait and find out.

RCW said...

By the way... I watched the same game you did. I also thought it was Awesome!!

Your Mother said...

Oh, your next meeting is the week-end of the Abbott Christmas. Bummer!! Hopefully, you can come either Friday night or Sunday.

Great news, Praise the Lord! Give the drywall guy a great big hug. ;-) Does he still need to come back?

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