Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Randomness v49

Bear had blood on his finger, he says to himself....."I do not want to think that is ketchup!"

Monkey- either I wouldn't say anything, or I'd say something.

(how profound)

Regular saying.... Step on a crack and break your mothers back.
Bears new version.... Step on something black and break your dad's sack.
Me- Uhhh....yeah, we are not going to say that one again. :)  (He doesn't even know what that refers to, just rhymed to him.)

Me-We're putting our house on the market.
Bear(8)- How are we going to get it there?

Kangaroo- Run, mommy!  Run for the rest of your life!

Kangaroo- When I got adopted it was the second most specialist day of my life!
Me- What was the first?
Kangaroo- When I asked Jesus to live in my heart.
Me- That's great news. :)

Me- who put Mr. Potato heads Ear in the dishwasher?!

Monkey- Seriously?!?
Me- I'm going to have to ban that word for too much usage?
Bear- Seriously?! We can't say seriously?

Monkey(10)- If dad stored up all his toots he's ever done and did them all at the same time he could blast into space!

Kangaroo- I rememberized it!

Kangaroo- Sometimes when I sit still and watch a movie my armpits get sweaty.
Me- that's weird.


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