Thursday, December 18, 2014

Randomness v48

Bear(7)- I want to go back to a booster seat at the table?
Me- why?
Bear- Well, then it's easier for me to reach, and that makes it easier for me to eat, which makes it easier for me to stay alive.
Me- So in short, a booster chair makes it easier for you to stay alive? :)

Monkey(10)- "Just letting you know that out of the random."

Me- since it is spring, we are going to be spring cleaning.
Bear- Is this just a one day thing or every day of spring?  Cuz, this spring cleaning thing sure does make a mess!

Kangaroo(7)- We're making this bathroom look borgeous!

Me- no I'm not going to pay four dollars for body wash for you.
Bear- what about 3.99?

TJ(while at home)- Why does this say I'm in Medford?
Monkey- because I am an inventor.
----This is just a tid bit of our world.  Many things dont make sense.  Many things are added to conversations those people didn't really belong in. :)

Me to son- Smith and Johnson are two of the most common names in America.
TJ- It's also a good lawfirm name.  (Smith & Johnson) Ha.

Me- What Holiday is on February 14th?
Monkey- The Fourth of July!

Monkey- You're saving glass cans right?

Kangaroo-This is how I cheer him down.  (She mixed cheer up and calm down)

Monkey- Mom we should do activities from a to b.  I mean A to Z.

Bear- Do you get brown eyebrows when you cough?


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