Tuesday, October 14, 2014

It's a girl! (adoption day is around the corner)

It's a girl!  We are not expecting in your traditional sense, but we are expecting none-the-less!

Exactly one month from the day I am typing this we will be in court legally documenting this child as a part of our family!  

Our journey started on April 22, 2013 when a social worker brought this child to our home in need of a safe place to stay.  Lots of emotional rollercoaster rides for her and our family have come and gone, and now we are able to rejoice in wonderful news!

We are excited to proclaim it from the mountain tops!  God is allowing us to officially add another forever member to our family.

Look for more details to come, or just ask me!

Also, stay tuned for an adoption party to be held to celebrate this joyous addition to our family!


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