Monday, October 15, 2012

Randomness v41

We are all sitting around the dinner table having a nice conversation.
Bear yells out, "TOM & JERRY"
TJ and I just look at each other wondering what that was about....then he says,
"I just had to let that out"

Me- What happened to my yellow cloth for the chalk board?
Bear- maybe a chipmunk came in the house and stole it.

Monkey- Mom, I'm finally reading little red robin hood.
Me- Well, is it robin hood or little red riding hood?

Monkey was reading a flier about pig.  After reading about products that come from a pig like leather and soap he says, "Are you kidding me? My soap comes from a pig?  I may as well just go rub my hands on a pig to wash them!"

Me- Isn't it amazing what God did for us?  It's not just amazing, it's amazing grace!
Monkey-You mean like amazing grace baptist church?  That should be the name of our church.

Monkey singing- "rowin', rowin', rowin' on a river."
Me- It's rolling on a river....but I guess rowing would make sense. Ha.

TJ- If you do that too much your eyes will stay that way.
Monkey- That's an old woman's tale.
Me- it's "old wives tale"
Monkey- most of the things parents don't want their children doing they tell the old wives about.

Bear- We are just teasing you around.

TJ sternly saying to 3 yr old child- "Do you say no to me?"
3 yr old child....Looks at him with a hilariously confused look on his face, like the answer to this question is no, but I'm not supposed to say no to what?

Bear- Mom, guess what I wrote?
Me- I love you mom
Bear- nope
Me- mom is the best mom ever
Bear- nope
Me- mom is the coolest person in history
Bear- nope
Me- I want to eat cookies
Bear- nope
Me- Just tell me already!
Bear- www dot com
Me- Bwahaahahahahaha.....I would have never guessed that!

I was preparing burritos with refried beans, and my 4 year old niece says, I don't want peanut butter on my taco.


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Theresa said...

Haha!! The random things kids come up with are so fun :+) Thanks for the laugh and smile...

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