Friday, October 5, 2012

Cursive Lessons

Join us in learning cursive together.
Click the links to find the original post and download the files for yourself.

Lesson 1  (a t)
Lesson 2  (c) review a t, word cat
Lesson 3  (d e) words ace & date
Lesson 4  (g) review d e, words cage, eat & dad
Lesson 5  review letters from lessons 1-4, words gate & dead
Lesson 6 (o) review g, d, words goods & coat
Lesson 7 (h) review o, t, blends th, ch, word catch
Lesson 8 (n) review o, d words hand & note
Lesson 9 (i) review n, g, blends ing, th, word thing
Lesson 10 review letters from lessons 6-9, words ant, did, hog, ice
Lesson 11 (y) review n, th, words thy, any, coat, chin
Lesson 12 (r) review y, words are, car
Lesson 13 (s) review r, n, words rains, sting
Lesson 14 (m) review s, r, words man, smart
Lesson 15 review letters from lessons 10-14, words mister, many, scar, year.
Lesson 16 (b) review s, h, words bath, boy.
Lesson 17 (j) review b, i, words job, major.
Lesson 18 (x) review j, b, words, exit, taxi.
Lesson 19 (p) review x, s, words pint, cap.
Lesson 20 review letters from lessons 16-19, words, eject, bigger, pajama, excite.

Click below to download the whole file at one time.
All cursive lessons.

Enjoy learning cursive!


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