Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Furniture

I'm finally posting the picture of the new furniture. The other furniture is down stairs.

When we got new furniture I said I for sure wanted something that was a funky pattern. And this just stuck out and matched the couches we liked. It's not as funky as some of the others. More like a subtle funky. :)

This is a Chair and a half. it is great. TJ and I can both sit in it comfortably. Or the boys and I can sit in it comfortably and read a book. This is the favorite. Most sat it so far. :)

The couch is just as comfy, and awesome because it is so long. TJ sat up with his legs on the couch and there was still room for me to sit down without his legs on top of me. :)

Last night Bear was watching a movie. He had a pillow on him instead of a blanket to warm him up. I put the blanket on top of him too. He's a big blob with a little head.


Melissa said...

Very nice!! I love it! It looks like Shane is wearing a Snuggie... btw- do they make those for kids?

Your Mother said...

Looks very nice. Now we can all sit in your living room when we come up.

Andry said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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