Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Buckle Up! (if you can)

In our Taurus the seat belt for the driver has had issues for a while. Nothing major really just that the sensor wouldn't recognize that you were buckled so it would always give that reminder beeping to buckle up every 5 minutes as long as the car was on. I'm used to it, and forget about it until a new person rides in my car with me and asks what that is. Ha ha ha.
Well that seatbelt also had a little trick. It was hard to buckle, so you had to push the button before you could latch it together. While Dana was using it I guess she figured it out, but during that time Dana had to use Nicole's van to get Lyle home, so Nicole was then using it and she couldn't figure it out. :) She was over here the day that Dana and her switched van/car so when she was going to leave she sat out there forever, and I thought why is she still sitting in the driveway. Well a few minutes later she comes in and says... I can not get the seat belt to work. What is the trick. So I went in and told her the trick and showed her but something is wrong with it for good not. The button won't push in at all to do the little trick before buckling up. I said, well it worked before. :) I'm going to blame Dana for breaking it because she doesn't read my blog! Ha ha ha ha

So to be able to buckle up and be on the safe side of the law you have to buckle into the passenger side plug. Now the Taurus is no longer able to carry another person in the front seat. Great! I guess if someone wants to go with me, they have to drive!

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Your Mother said...

Or, they have to sit in the backseat with the boys. Wouldn't that be nice and cozy.

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