Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Weekend

We had he boys down for the long weekend. It went really well. We had a lot of fun. We didn't do anything super exciting, but it was good getting to know them better. We went to the park a couple times, went to Cabela's a saw the animals, played outside, watched a movie. Stuff like that. I will say we were very nervous at church. Just because the boys don't know anything yet and we were afraid someone was going to say something to them about it. We had a couple close calls, but it was all good. We had a lot of fun and we miss them. But hopefully soon they'll be coming.

We got a card while we were at church. Stephanie opened it and it was an anniversary card. We both completely forgot it was our anniversary on Monday. We had other things on our mind.


1 comment:

Your Mother said...

So, glad to see that the week-end went well. Looking forward to hear what happens next and when.

Oh, btw, Happy Anniversary, again!!

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