Tuesday, May 19, 2009


What a beautiful day! At work there are windows all around the building, so I can look outside all day long. It's great. I had noticed how nice it was outside. I figured it was probably 80 degrees or so. When I stepped out of work at 3:30 I couldn't believe how warm it was. It wasn't just warm, it was hot. When I got in the vehicle it said it was 99 degrees. Even though it was hot, I didn't think it was near that warm. Normally, when its hot out and I get in the vehicle it always reads high at first. I noticed it only went down a couple of degrees though. I still couldn't believe it. So I watched the news when I got home. Sure enough, they said it was 99 degrees in Owatonna. 99 degrees...in May. It was 100 degrees in Granite Falls, MN, which is in SW MN. Crazy! And it's supposed to be like this on Wednesday too.

Here's a link to the actual high in Owatonna on Tuesday for those of you who don't believe me.



Your Mother said...

I still can't believe it. Wow!! It must really have been hot. The high in Ankeny was only 86 degrees on Tuesday,

Washow said...

WOW that's hot.

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