Thursday, December 18, 2008

Little Falls Trip

We just got back from out trip to Little Falls. We really weren't sure exactly how things would go but we had our ideas of how things would(or should) go. Of course we should know better than that. We got up there early Wed. afternoon and met with the kids social worker, the child protection worker, the in-home therapist and the foster mom. They basically told us everything they know about the kids and showed us some pictures of them. For the kids sake we will keep info about them private, so we will not share any more on them at this time. After we met with them we went to the foster parents house to meet the kids. We were very nervous about this. We had no idea how they were going to react to us. It turned out really good though. The foster parents told the kids that some friends were coming to visit them(the parents). So the kids didn't know we were there to see them. We got there around 4 and stayed till about 9pm. It was fun. After that we went back to our hotel and sat in the hot tub for awhile and talked. It was great and felt really good. Thursday morning at 9 we met again with the social worker and the child protection worker. They let us know about some other kids that are available for adoption. They talked about them for awhile and then we went and visited them. They are a lot younger than the others. Cute kids though. And after that we went to lunch with the social worker and the child protection worker and talked about the visits and stuff. Then we came home. 

So things didn't go quite as we planned. We don't have a date set that the kids will be coming or anything. We don't even know what's going to happen or what we are going to do. We have a lot of things to think through and consider before we say yes to either groups of kids. Also, the social worker and child protection worker have some big choices to make too that may affect our decision. Sorry we don't have better news for you. You can imagine how we feel. Thanks for all the prayers. Keep them up.


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