Sunday, July 13, 2008

Family Camp

What a great week. To be honest, I wish we were still there. 

On Thursday, July 3rd, Will and Melissa came up to spend the next couple of nights. On Friday the 4th, we all went over to the Abbott Family Reunion together in Decorah, IA. Good times. On Saturday we packed up and headed down to Clear Lake, IA for Family Camp. The last time I went to Family Camp was probably 7 years ago or so. There's been a lot of new things added since then. When we got there they opened up all the stuff pretty much. We got unpacked and hung out. It was fun. Stephanie wasn't really sure if she would like it or not. She loved it. It was really a lot of fun. She wasn't sure how she would like the whole two services a day thing-one in the morning and one in the evening- but it went well. Though we really didn't enjoy the evening speaker.
Here's a couple pictures of our room.

It had a window air conditioner so the room was kept nice and cool. Stephanie thought it was to cool sometimes. You can't see but there is a bathroom with a shower to the left of the dresser. Sunday was pretty much a "family" day, meaning they didn't have any activities open that involved the staff. Sunday evening it started pouring rain outside. We were under a Thunderstorm Warning too. It rained some more on Monday and finally started clearing out Monday evening. On Tuesday, Terry Alexander came over with his boat and 2 jet skis. I went for a boat ride. It was fun. Then, Jeremy came up and we went golfing with my dad and Will in Clear Lake. This was the first time I've golfed in years. I don't even have clubs, so I used Stephanie's. I didn't do very well, but it was fun. Wednesday afternoon I spent a couple hours at the pool. Then after the evening service they held the first annual Family Camp Olympics. It was a blast. They had the East side vs. the West side. They would draw your name and you would compete in silly games they had. Stephanie and I weren't drawn but some others in the family were. Competition included: twisting an Oreo open with someone else to see who gets the white stuff inside; seeing how fast you can make a bed; feeding baby food to someone; throwing a paper airplane; and blowing a ping pong ball against another family. They even had a couple commentators(Faith Contenders). Thursday I did the zip line. That was fun too.

We also did the climbing wall. I didn't do it, but Stephanie did. And she flew up that thing like it was nothing at all.
Family Camp ended on Friday. That was a little weird cause it used to end on Saturday. But vacation didn't end cause Adam and Jamie and the kids decided to come up to our house. They just left a couple of hours ago. Now Stephanie is sleeping cause she doesn't feel good. 

We are already booked for Family Camp II next year. Too bad it's a year away. 



Amy Kramer said...

Wow! This came looks like so much fun and is so nice!! I was thinking you were at a place like Bass Lake all week! I don't think it's fair to call a place like that "camping", though. An underground pool and everything!!! Very nice!

Will Mitchell said...

good review TJ i wish i was still there too.. except i like not sleeping in a room where the humidity is so bad you have to wear your swimsuit to bed lol

TJ and Stephanie said...

I don't worry about that cause I sleep naked.

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