Tuesday, June 10, 2008

So it's been awhile since I've checked in. I'm just looking online at all the flooding going around. I see they're closing all the downtown Des Moines bridges except for I235. Wow that water is high. And then I'm looking at flooding in Wisconsin. Particularly at the Dells. It's hard to believe 1 year ago this week we were in the Dells. Now Lake Delton, the lake in the Wisconsin Dells has nearly emptied out into the river. Weird. This is part of the Wilderness Resort. It's called Wilderness on the Lake. We didn't stay at this part of the Wilderness Resort. But you can see, the lake is gone.
Crazy. Tonight is my last night at Viracon. Woohoo!



RCW said...

They opened the flood gates at Saylorville lake last night. I guess it will take about 12 hours for the water to reach Des Moines. Then we will see what happens. In the flood of "93" the water was at the back of our building here at Graybar. We are sitting up higher than everyone around us so we should be OK. We sandbagged the back doors just in case!!
So no more peeing in a cup hey TJ. Cool!! I hope you like the new job!!

Amy Kramer said...

You guys must be taking breaks from the blogging world lately. It would be totally cool if another pipe broke at your house or something... that would give you some drama to write about!
Congrats at being DONE at Viracon, TJ. Let the fun begin at SAGE!!! Let's see if you can break your "time without breaking glass" record at SAGE!! Yeah.

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