Friday, November 30, 2007


It's cold out. 7 degrees right now. We're supposed to get a big snow storm tomorrow. We'll see. We're going to watch the Faith girls play basketball tonight at Pillsbury. I heard they're pretty bad.
I just saw that the place where Stephanie worked in Des Moines may be closing. Stephanie didn't like working there. She worked there as a temp. They wanted her to start full-time but she told them no. She said they were messed up. Here's the story.



Melissa said...

It's a good thing Stephanie didn't take the job then! Are you saying the Faith girls are bad or Pillsbury... or both? :)

TJ and Stephanie said...

I don't know about Pillsbury, but dad said they went to a Faith girls game and they lost 70 something to 20 something. That's pretty bad.

Will Mitchell said...

That's good for Faith Girls. lol

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