Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Choice Point

Some times you just need a visual.  Right?

We are constantly talking about the two paths of life.  One leading to reward and the other leading to consequence.  Recently I decided to make it be a cliff instead, and had the idea to make it a visual as well.

So here's the end result.

It always seems like an easy choice when we are asked which way we'd rather go.  But when you're in the heat of the situation, sometimes we jump right off the cliff before we even know where we are.  And when that happens, consequence comes and there is no way out.  I think that is the better part of the cliff senario for my kids in this picture.  This shows them that once they have jumped into the consequence "Danger Zone" you can't just turn around and now get back on the other path easily.  It takes a little more effort than that.

Hope you can utilize this as well.


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