Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

If you haven't received my Christmas card....check your mail again.
Now if you still haven't received it....check below. :)

Here's a copy of my Christmas Letter!

Warmest greetings to one and all!

Here’s our 2012 highlights!
January- The year started out with a family vacation to the Wisconsin Dells.  One of our top spots to visit again and again.  
February, we took in a 3 year old foster boy, who ended up staying until November.  He felt and still feels like part of the family.  We still get to visit him time and again.  In fact he is spending the weekend with us as I write this letter and we are overjoyed to see him again.  
March was big news for Bear as he lost his first tooth, 2 in a row in fact!  March was also big news for Stephanie as she turned the corner into 30 this year. 
April- Monkey turned 8 years old. My how they change!
May- Bear started soccer for the first time, he was excited to play, but it was chilly for most of the games. TJ an I celebrated our 10 year anniversary on May 25th.
June- We visited the zoo with some wonderful friends, and spent lots of time outdoors!
July was action packed.  We had a great annual trip to family camp over the 4th of July.  A week at Grandma Shirley’s to attend her churches VBS.  Friends from Wisconsin came to visit. And a family reunion in northeastern Iowa. Plus lots of great weather for us to swim in our pool.
August- Monkey started 3rd grade, and Bear started 1st grade.  We took our first field trip, to the Iowa State Fair, and the Omaha Zoo.  Great time away for a long weekend.  We attended many nights at the Steele County Fair.
September always starts with our Friesen family campout.  This year was very beautiful weather.  The boys and I got to take a neat field trip to the Fire Station.  TJ and I went to the GVB concert in Des Moines.  Somewhere around our 18th or more concert?  We tried counting but can’t quite remember them all.
October- My little Shaniac turned 6 years old!  We went on another field trip to the Reptile Zoo in town.  We love our field trips! 
November- We saw the GVB in Rochester, this time going with TJ’s folks, and Aunt and Uncle.  Always an uplifting time of music.  We spent Thanksgiving in Iowa, and the weather was gorgeous.  The kids went to the park to play.  Before heading home we spent an evening with the “quartet” at the Vance residence in Ames.  It was great to be all together again, and to see all the additions to the families since we last were all together.
December- We went on vacation with Brian & Lois Niehoff.  We went on a Cruise to celebrate both of our anniversaries.  Some unfortunate circumstances came our way, but with sunshine and great friends to spend the time, we made the most of it and had a relaxing time away anyway.  This year for Christmas instead of giving gifts we are making memories with all of the Wolf gang at the Wisconsin Dells.  Like I said our favorite vacation spot.  We are all looking forward to those great memories to be made.  They will last longer than any gift we could give each other.  I hope you have made some great memories this year, and may many more come your way next year!


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