Tuesday, January 29, 2008


It's -2 degrees right now. It's pretty nasty out. It's snowing a little bit and the wind is blowing really hard. Pretty much all the schools around here closed early. The interstate between Owatonna and Albert Lea is closed.

I'm curious as to who all reads this blog. If you read it, leave a comment on this post. If your not registered to leave a comment, it's easy to sign up. Click on comments at the end of the post. Under the spot where you leave a comment there should be a sign-up link. Click that and enter the info. It's that easy. Then leave a comment.



RCW said...

It's cold here too!! Pretty much all the schools have closed. FBBC cancelled their basketball game tonight. That means no nacho's for me tonight!! I might just sit and watch Mission Impossible all night!!
Oh by the way. I do read your blog and I do respond some times.

RCW said...

Karen Carpenter's doorbell chimed the first six notes of "We've Only Just Begun."

Nic, Tim and Kids said...

I read it and I would comment more, but every time that I comment I have to re-register from some odd reason. So as much as I love you guys it's obviously not enough to go through the hassle of registering every time.

Will Mitchell said...

I read and appreciate your tremendous contribution to internet journalism. Thank you TJ!

Amy Kramer said...

Sup homies.
The Kramer Fam is a huge fan of your blog, BUT times are changing, and now the cool thing to do is to have a facebook account. You could even do both!!
Thanks for ditching me tonight, Steph!! :) jk It's way too cold to go anywhere tonight.
See you at Sparkies tomorrow.

Melissa said...

I read your blog, but I don't comment alot b/c I don't know what to say most of the time. :) Stay warm!

TJ and Stephanie said...

I check the blog every once in awhile too. :)

Kenny Rogers said...

Hi I'm Kenny Rogers. I love this Blog. You'd have to hog tie me to keep me away from it. I found this blog because I was searching for chuck norris disscussions and low and behold here I am. Me and Chuck are good friends. I sang the gambler at his wedding. Me and Trevett sang a duet called "kick em when their down".

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